Global manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in the rail industry.

Our Team


Behind Weighwell’s success lies a team of customer focused professionals, each of whom possess a wealth of experience in train weighing and an in-depth knowledge of the global rail industry. Our experienced engineers can provide on-site technical assistance within 24 hours, ensuring your needs are met all year round. At Weighwell we pride ourselves on being able to add the personal touch and extra detail to make all the difference. With a carefully tailored service, we can remain accessible to every customer, whilst providing unique product developments.

Delivering service

Weighwell strives to provide and deliver our customers innovative, efficient, and reliable products. All our customers have access to specialist technicians to ensure minimal inconvenience. From liaising and cooperating with train leasing companies and overhaul workshops to rail consultants and train operators, we are also able to cater to various requirements and provide an excellent service for all concerned parties.

We also understand operator’s problems with weighing systems which can be very expensive to maintain and can take a long time to get repaired. However due to the unique patented design of our Portable Train Weigher (PTW) our system doesn’t require any expensive foundations or modifications to the track. The user friendly, reliable and robust PTW also has the added advantage of one system serving the needs of multiple locations at very short notice and so with a minimal installation time we can resolve a potentially catastrophic situation.

Global understanding

Weighwell are an international train weighing specialist that operate in over 30 countries worldwide and with offices throughout the world in Europe, Asia and America we aspire to provide the best service and support to our customers based on innovation and product excellence.

At the forefront of innovation and forward thinking is our approach, we have developed a train weighing system that has revolutionised the traditional method of weighing rail vehicles. Our portable train weighing system has totally eliminated the time and expense involved in taking rail vehicles to remote weighbridges. Our global understanding means we have engineers experienced in overcoming common language barriers and office staff well versed in managing your initial enquiry through to ensuring your train weighing system is shipped to your location with no hassle.