Global manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in the rail industry.


Industry overview

Efficient loading without delay is vital in the transportation of goods within the rail freight industry (known as freight operating companies). Freight operating companies are a key part in organisational supply chains and support various aspects of the economy. In order to maintain efficiency potential issues such as wheel weight need to be addressed. If wheel weights are overloaded excessive wear and stress to areas such as wheel profiles, axle boxes, bearings, gear boxes, final drive units and suspension components could arise. If wheel weights are underloaded then derailment or imbalance could occur.

What we provide

The freight industry is always looking at reducing operating costs and increasing efficiency to meet increasing economic demand. Our in-motion train systems provide a flexible, cost effective and portable solution that doesn’t require rail vehicles to travel to a fixed weighbridge. This helps meet the operational challenges of maintaining busy freight schedules.

The PTW1 for in-motion (dynamic) weighing has been designed with freight companies in mind and can be used in agriculture, mines’, quarries and scrap yards. The PTW1 can be used to generate individual wheel weights, axle weights, wagon (railcar) weights and total train weights. This is perfect for short term projects where a fixed system would be too expensive. The PTW1’s main feature is being able to weigh trains at speeds of up to 3mph (5kph) with highly reliable and accurate results.

Additionally we also manufacture a reliable and robust PTW1 Heavy Duty System which has an increased weighing capacity of 40 tonnes per axle for heavy vehicle loads. The PTW1 HD with heavier bases can weigh rail vehicle with accuracies of +/-2-3% dependent on track conditions and installed within a very short space of time.


Our in-motion train weighing systems operate in a variety of diverse industries and have proven invaluable for leading transportation and logistics customers such as:

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