Global manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in the rail industry.


Commitment to quality, reliability and service

At Weighwell our mission is to continue researching and developing new products to ensure that the global rail industry has an efficient, profitable and above all, a very safe future. – Paul Horsfall, Managing Director.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the train weighing industry, Weighwell has established an unrivalled reputation for quality, reliability and service. We pride ourselves on continuously delivering exceedingly reliable performance and results with our products and services and making significant advances in train weighing technology. This is shown through prototyping and producing the very first Portable Train Weigher through to our bespoke ptwX software. In addition whether your requirements are a service and calibration, short term hire or long term hire we provide a fast and efficient service underpinned by excellent customer support.

Research and Development

Our in-house Research and Development (R&D) and engineering skills have helped develop and provide bespoke products that are catered towards our customer’s needs. We aim to further our research and continually invest in the development of new products that accommodate the ever-changing demands of the rail industry. To ensure we deliver flexible and adaptable solutions we are dedicated to using the latest rail technologies to understand the weight differences across a train, of which can help highlight overloaded or unloaded wagons or better understand the weight distribution across a railcar.

Our weighing results can help provide rail engineers, fleet managers or rail consultants the weighing information needed to implement potential corrective actions that can help improve ride quality or vehicle stability of rolling stock. We feel that our train weighing software allows those within the rail industry the ability to enhance what they are currently doing but with that added accuracy, efficiency and precision.


Train safety and efficient working are our paramount concerns within the rail industry. We understand the importance and requirements for weighing trains with reliable weighing systems to suit a multitude of applications. The accuracy and innovative nature of our products help identify problems that could lead to issues such as excessive component wear and ultimately help deliver cost and time savings. Our longstanding relationships with some of the most prestigious names within the rail industry is testament to our commitment to safety.