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All rail vehicle wheels have a flange that prevents the train from “jumping the track”. Weighwell invented and designed a frame with adjustable entry and exit ramps and a built-in loadcell. The frame lifts the wheel tyre but keeps the flange within the rail head allowing the simultaneous weighing of the wheel flange through a signal from the loadcell, which is converted into weight by the controller, giving a high degree of accuracy. Weighing via the wheel flange rather than the wheel tyre allows for a more precise and accurate weighment and a greater understanding on the railcar body load distribution. In addition our portable rail scales do not impede or stop regular train movements.

Our industry leading product the Portable Train Weigher (PTW) has changed the concept of train weighing with the ability to weigh rail vehicles in-motion or statically. Our PTW with its unique, portable and mobile design can be installed in any gauge of track and virtually any rail type in a matter of minutes without the need for expensive changes to the track or foundations. Our PTW operates through either our in-house PTW indicator or ptwX software which are designed with rail engineers in mind.


Weighwell first began in 1988 by servicing and maintaining weighing equipment of all shapes and sizes from laboratory scales to train weighbridges. The PTW concept was first envisaged with a prototype in 1995 and officially launched at Railtex in 1997. As a result Weighwell has been recognised for its innovation and valuable contribution to the rail industry with:

  • Multiple Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) awards for innovation.
  • Best growth through Technology award from The Daily Telegraph.
  • Millennium award for our Portable Train Weigher (exhibited at the ‘Spiral of Innovation’, in London).
  • The PTW named “Best Train Scale” at the Weighing Review Readers’ Choice Awards 2017.

You can find out further information on our heritage, latest innovations and future developments through Our News page.


Weighwell are a global manufacturer and installer of train weighing systems in the rail industry with hundreds of systems worldwide. We have longstanding relationships with a diverse range of illustrious names within the train maintenance, train manufacturer and freight markets such as Alstom, DB Schenker, Siemens and SNCF. Our existing range of train weighing systems have been designed to meet all uses, including High Speed rail, Commuter rail, Freight, Metros and On Track Plant.