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In-motion & portable train weighing systems

The Portable Train Weigher (PTW) is able to weigh rail vehicles without the need for expensive changes to the track or foundations. Our in-motion train weighing systems offer train operators and railway contractors an economical and convenient way of avoiding dangerous overloading and axle imbalance.

In-motion Train Weighing Systems for hire or purchase

Our in-motion train weighing systems (also known as weigh in-motion or dynamic weighing systems) are highly suited to the freight market and can provide the capability to weight trains at speeds of up to 3mph (5kph). The portable rail scales can also provide weighing information on the individual wheel, axle, wagon and total train. This makes our in-motion weighing systems perfect for temporary sites and short term projects.

The portable and unique nature of our PTW allows the weighing system to be installed (within 15 minutes) in various locations to suit the customer’s needs without disrupting normal train movements or permanently modifying the existing rail. The PTW in-motion system can provide the weighing data as a printout and the ability to export via the use of a USB stick to a .csv file for further more in depth reporting. The mass recording of wagons and railcars provides a constant “check weigh” on potential overloads

For in-motion weighing we offer either the PTW1 or PTW1 HD (Heavy Duty) train weighing systems, both of which are patent-approved, have an accuracy of +/-2-3% dependent on track conditions (+/- 1% in ideal track conditions) and are available for hire at short notice for periods to suit any budget or purchase.

PTW1 HD (Heavy Duty)

PTW1 HD (Heavy Duty)

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