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High Speed

Industry overview of the High Speed market

High Speed rail is an ever growing sector of the railway industry with rolling stock operating at speeds significantly faster than traditional rail traffic. High speed rail is specifically designed for passenger travel and the safety of passengers is of paramount importance. However very rarely are railcars perfectly balanced, the consequences of an imbalance of weight could be increased wear to the vehicle components and issues relating to a vehicles side-to-side balance and permissible axle and pivot loads. All of which are critical when trying to ensure passenger safety and achieve operational efficiency.

What we provide the High Speed industry

The use of multiple Portable Train Weigher (PTW) units such as our Full Car Weighing Systems (also known as Full Train Weighing Systems) have proved to be invaluable at train maintenance and rolling stock depots undertaking heavy maintenance, bogie changes or modifications to locomotives, wagons (railcars) or passenger cars. With a length of only 500mm our PTW’s also have much more flexibility when weighing a full railcar (4 or 6 axles) with a PTW unit under each axle.

Our Full Car Weighing Systems have an accuracy of +/-0.1% dependent on site conditions and provide either a simple printout/csv file from our PTW indicator or customer specific reporting options from our ptwX train weighing software. The ‘real-time weight data includes information relating to individual wheels, axles and total vehicles that help to establish if weight distribution is even. The need for balanced loads is critical when travelling at high speeds especially when dealing with track curvature.

Our High Speed rail customers

Our static train weighing systems have proven invaluable in the maintenance and repair of rolling stock at rail depots. This is beneficial due to the importance in maintaining good power to weight ratio and minimising the high stresses put on the track due to the potential speed. Our customers within the high speed rail sector are:

Hitachi Rail