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Rapid Transit

Industry overview

Rapid Transit relates to the Metro, Underground and Subway railway markets which are situated in large metropolitan areas. Rapid Transit is specifically designed to transport large numbers of people at high frequency within high density traffic. This results in the need for minimal downtime and disruption with the maintenance of rolling stock being a full time operation. As such all new trains and those that have undergone refurbishment and maintenance must be weighed and their results must be fully compliant with train safety regulations. The consequences of an uneven weight distribution could be reduced operational efficiency, decreased ride comfort and greater safety risks.

What we provide

Our static train weighing systems are portable and can be installed without any civil work. This allows those within the Rapid Transit market the ability to weigh two-axle and three-axle bogies (bogie weighing systems) but also pairs of two-axle bogies and pairs of three-axle bogies (full car weighing system). These static systems provide individual wheel, axle and total vehicle weight.

All our static systems use our ptwX software or PTW indicator which help highlight possible issues relating to safety and loading symmetries. if left unchecked theses issues can impact fuel/power consumption, passenger comfort and create excessive noise pollution. Our portable train weighing systems are highly suited to new trains that need to be weighed for ‘safety to run’ certification or trains that have undergone vehicle modifications and refurbishments such as bogie changes.


Our static train weighing systems have proven invaluable for customers such as:

BTS- Rapid Transit