Global manufacturer and supplier of weighing equipment in the rail industry.

Servicing & Calibration


Weighwell offers a yearly service to our customers of which ensures our products meet our standards for accuracy, quality and reliability. Our servicing is carried out by our in-house technicians. The servicing of PTW’s assess the general condition of the system unless the customer has identified a specific fault, which we will rectify or replace. As our PTW’s have been in operation for numerous years we also offer our customers the option to upgrade PTW systems to our latest technologies such as our ptwX software.


At Weighwell we provide a full calibration service that is suited to our customer’s needs. This allows the customer’s to either send the PTW to our UK headquarters or we can send our technicians to calibrate on-site. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and commitment to providing a quality and reliable service and the equipment we use has been tested and adjusted using loadcell calibration equipment traceable to UKAS standards. Thus we ensure our systems are calibrated within a controlled environment and dependent on operating conditions readings are within a 1% (static) or 2-3% (in-motion) accuracy.

The importance of calibration is that it results in the elimination/transport of test weights or calibrated wagons (railcars). To allow accurate train weighing we offer calibration as part of our yearly servicing to customers. We also pre-calibrate our systems before we go to site. A key feature of our PTW is that they can be easily removed from the track. This allows our customers to move the location of the PTW or request interchangeable parts that are suited to different track gauges or rail profiles.