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On Track Plant

Industry overview

On Track Plant (OTP) is machinery specifically designed to run on the railway and carry out maintenance work such as track construction, renewal and cleaning. To manage, maintain and operate plant and machinery safely potential issues such as the wheel weight need to be addressed. If wheel weights on the track machines are overloaded excessive wear and stress can occur to areas such as wheel profiles, axle boxes and suspension components or to the track infrastructure. If wheel weights are underloaded then a derailment or an imbalance could occur.

What we provide

To ensure reliable working and meet operational requirements, Weighwell provide in-motion train weighing systems that can weigh trains at speeds of up to 3mph, withstand axle loads of up to 40t (20t per wheel) and provide reliable operation in difficult environments.

Our portable rail scales are able to accurately provide axle weights with no restriction on wagon type or modification to the existing rail. With rail keys to suit any gauge of track we are able to weigh machinery such as ballast regulators, track renewal trains and tamping and lining machines with no civil works required such as welding or drilling.

In addition we provide static train weighing systems which statically weigh road-rail vehicles such as excavators and lifting equipment. Attachments fitted to on-track machines, different machine working modes or a load with a high centre of gravity can adversely affect the loading. This results in the potential for uneven weight distribution and could cause a lack of stability. Our single axle, bogie weighing and full train weighing systems are beneficial for understanding the weight distribution.


Our in-motion and static train weighing systems have proven invaluable for customers such as:

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