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A weighing system for Africa’s first ever high speed line.

23/11/2015 Alstom TGV Duplex

Weighwell Engineering Ltd have installed a full train weighing system (PTW 500-VB2X) for Africa’s first ever high speed line having been seen as the most appropriate and convenient solution to the customer’s needs.

The full train weighing system in Tangiers will initially weigh Alstom TGV Duplex trains whilst Société Marocaine de Maintenance des Rames à Grande Vitesse, a 60:40 joint venture between ONCF and SNCF will maintain the trainsets as part of 15 years deal worth €175 million. Our weighing system the PTW 500-VB2X will weigh double deck trains that will go into operation primarily on the Tangiers to Casablanca route which is expected to carry up to 10 million passenger per year and reduce the journey time to 2 hours and 10 minutes.

The PTW 500-VB2X was chosen due to its lightweight and portable nature. The ability to provide highly accurate wheel, axle and total vehicle weighing results and understand the weight distribution was also a major advantage. Our ptwX train weighing software which graphically displays the weighing data also catered towards our clients’ needs by configuring the language to French.

Morocco’s Tangier high speed train depot was officially inaugurated on the 20th September with high speed operation expected after static commissioning and testing. Paul Horsfall, Managing Director said “our work overseas has led to longstanding relationships with a diverse range of illustrious names with PTW’s in over 25 different countries. The recent installation in Africa’s first ever high speed rolling stock depot showcases our versatility and commitment to understanding different cultures and practices in foreign markets and tailoring our product portfolio towards an ever increasing international audience’.