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PTW1 Heavy Duty (HD)


The PTW1 Heavy Duty (HD) is a specialised and robust system that can withstand an increased weighing range of 20t per wheel (40t per axle) and can provide reliable, accurate and efficient results for the Freight and On Track Plant markets.

Primarily introduced for the USA market the PTW1 HD allows the in-motion weighing of wheels,  axles, wagons and trains and is perfectly suited to the arduous environments of the industrial steel, cement, gypsum and minerals markets. The implementation of rail vehicles with heavier axle loads is primarily to offset decreasing track-time availability and minimise higher operating costs. This results in a greater need to accurately weigh a rail vehicle due to the potential for heavier and/or uneven axle loads, which if left neglected can cause damage to rail infrastructure.

Freight vehicles are weighed before they enter the rail network for total net weights and our PTW1 HD has the added advantage of also providing wheel, axle and wagon weights. The PTW1 HD can weigh wagons whether they are unloaded, partially loaded or fully loaded. This is beneficial as wagons can be loaded with different weights, which if left unchecked can cause issues with lateral and longitudinal asymmetric loading.

Key benefits

  • More robust and can withstand an increased weighing range of 40 tonne per axle.
  • Accurately check’s vehicle loads to avoid eccentric loading and damage to wagons, infrastructure and potential derailment.
  • No restrictions on wagon type.
  • No modifications to existing rail.
  • Portable, quick and easy to install (within 15 minutes).
  • Reliable operation even under poor conditions.

Technical specifications

Item Specification
PTW Loadcell Assemblies
PTW length 556mm
Number of loadcell bodies 2
Materials High quality tool and mild steels
Protection class IP67
PTW mounting Bespoke rail keys
Installation time 15 minutes
PTW1 HD Indicator
Power Supply 12VDC
Protection class IP65
Mode of operation In-motion
Weighing capacity 20000kg per wheel – 40000kg per axle
Increment size 10kg
Temperature range -30 to +70 Celsius
Accuracy +/- 2-3% dependent on site conditions (+/- 1% in ideal conditions)
Output Individual wheel weights, axle weights, wagon weights and total train weight
Units Kilograms, tonnes and pounds