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The Weighwell PTW1 is a portable, in-motion train weighing system. The PTW1 allows the ‘in-motion’ weighing of individual wheels, axles, wagons (railcars) and trains and can be carried to the rail by two people and installed within 15 minutes. Launched in 1997 the PTW1 underwent rigorous testing with Railtrack (now Network Rail) at their ‘Virtual Quarry’, which emphasised the benefit of a portable train weighing system over a fixed one. Insufficient loading on one side can cause the flange to climb over the railhead, which will impact the lateral offset of the load. Our PTW1 can help identify wagons which are side loaded outside of operator set tolerances and can also provide overall gross weights. The ability to identify axle, wagon and total train weights and save multiple weighments can help improve productivity, reduce downtime costs and increase cost efficiency. The PTW1 is an ideal solution to provide weighing results for rail freight such as quarries, coal and steel etc. So whether your priority is accurately checking loads to avoid overloading which can damage wagons (railcars) and infrastructure or preventing derailments due to eccentric loading, the PTW1 will provide a solution.

Key benefits

  • No costly civil works.
  • No modifications or need for any foundations to the existing rail.
  • Portable, quick and easy to install (within 15 minutes).
  • Axle by axle weighing ensures there is no restriction on wagon (railcar) type.
  • The loadcells are sealed so that reliable operation is possible, even under poor conditions.

Technical specifications

Item Specification
PTW Loadcell Assemblies
PTW length 500mm
Number of loadcell bodies 2
Materials High quality tool and mild steels
Protection class IP67
PTW mounting Bespoke rail keys
Installation time 15 minutes
PTW1 Indicator
Power supply 12VDC
Protection class IP65
Mode of operation In-Motion
Weighing capacity 15000kg per wheel – 30000kg per axle
Increment size 10kg
Temperature range -30 to +70 Celsius
Achievable accuracy: +/- 2-3% dependent on site conditions (+/- 1% in ideal conditions)
Output Individual wheel weights, axle weights, wagon weights and total train weight.
Units Kilograms, tonnes and pounds