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Portable Bogie Weighing System


The portable Bogie Weighing System is an ideal solution for statically weighing either 2 axle and 3 axle railcar or locomotive bogies and is perfectly suited to the Commuter rail, Urban rail and High Speed rail markets.

The use of live ‘real-time’’ information from our industry leading ptwX software allows the user to establish if weight distribution is even by providing weight data relating to individual wheels and axles. The consequences of an imbalance of weight could be increased wear to the vehicles, thus highlighting possible issues relating to safety and loading symmetries.

Useful in bogie overhaul and train car assembly our portable twin axle or triple axle Bogie Weighing System’s allow accurate weighing which can be carried out at various locations to suit the customer’s needs. This is invaluable when needing to understand the impact weighing differences can have on train vehicle dynamics (which if left imbalanced can cause excessive vehicle wear). Another added advantage is time and cost savings with our Bogie Weighing System saving the need to take the locomotive to a fixed weighbridge for what could end up being multiple weighments.

Key benefits

  • No need to remove rail fastenings due to a system length of only 500mm allowing for unrivalled flexibility and a more convenient installation.
  • Multiple PTW units deliver more reliable and accurate weighing results.
  • A key interface with our multilingual and intuitive ptwX software that provides bespoke reporting options.
  • A key interface with our in-house developed PTW indicator which has simplified user operations and functions via a touch screen.
  • Eliminates the need to install expensive weighbridges.
  • Can be used for bogie overhaul, railcar maintenance and vehicle modifications.

Technical specifications

Item Specification
Length of PTW 500mm
Weight of each loadcell body 34kg approximately
Weighing range 15t wheel – 30t axle
Maximum capacity 60t (2 axle bogies) or 90t (3 axle bogies)
Increment size 10kg
Materials High quality tool and mild steels
Temperature range -30C to +70C
Power supply 110 - 240VAC / 12VDC
Protection class IP67
PTW mounting Bespoke rail keys
Installation time Dependent on track conditions
Achievable accuracy +/- 1% dependent on site conditions
Units Kilogrammes, Metric Tonnes, KiloNewtons, lb (lbm)